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Download information
File name: Setup_ServiceAccent_Database.exe

Date published: August 2009

Version: 4.13.205

Download size: 124 MB (total for 2 files)

Support contact:

Setup for Service Accent

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This is the setup for Service Accent version 4.13.205. See below for instructions.

System requirements
  • Supported operating systems:Windows 2000, Windows XP (32 bit), Windows Server 2003 (32 bit), Windows Vista
  • Local power user or administrator rights

Important notes
  • In order to run this product, you will need an activation key. If you need an activation key, please contact your support provider above.

  1. Click Next above and when prompted, click Save to save the files to your computer
  2. Double-click Setup_ServiceAccent_Database.exe to setup the Service Accent database. You only need to install this once as it will be shared amongst all users
  3. Double-click Setup_ServiceAccent_Application.exe to setup the Service Accent application. This needs to be done on each computer that will run Service Accent

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